Czech Geological Survey

The task of the Czech Geological Survey (CGS), as authorized by the Ministry of the Environment under the terms of the § 17 Act on Geological Work, is to provide the state geological service for the Czech Republic. It is a state organization with the statutory responsibility to gather, store and interpret information on geological composition of the area of the Czech Republic, use and protection of the mineral resources and resources of ground water and on geological risks and to make it available to the public, as well as to assist with decisions by the state administration about national economic and environmental issues.CGS has gained a good reputation as a research institution in the field of Earth science, focused on the basic and applied research and compilation of both geological and thematic (special purpose) maps.

Vision of CGS is through innovative research and the use of the most up-to-date technology provide the Czech State with the geoscientific information needed to make crucial policy decisions about energy, water and other critical resources, natural hazards and sustainable development, while working to maintain its position as a successful research institution in the field of Earth sciences.The research activities of CGS comprises in particular research of the composition and structure of the basement rocks including modelling and visualisation of the 3D models, research and exploitation of the natural resources, investigation of the geosphere – biosphere – atmosphere interaction, geological hazards, prevention and mitigation of their impact, research and development of the geochemical and mineralogical methods and development of geoinformatics. Recently, the research activity of CGS has come to the fore within the frame of the wide international cooperation, including European projects, initiatives and infrastructures.

The chief objective of research activities concerning informatics is the technical development and modernization of the infrastructure that enables the operation and use of the Geological Information System. Effective provision of relevant data and information supports the geological research as well as decision making concerning the natural resources, risks and sustainable development, it is essential also for interpretation of geological and geophysical surveying and further investigations.  Informatics is the integral part of most of the research projects. In addition to participating in applied and regional geological research in the Czech Republic and abroad, the staff of the Department of Informatics at the CGS is committed to cooperate in a range of international activities concerned with the creation and implementation of regulations for a unified European geological information system in relation to the rules set out in the EU Directive INSPIRE, as well as taking part in global initiatives.