Institute of Physics of the Earth Masaryk University in Brno

The Institute of Physics of the Earth (IPE) is a member of the Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno. Its activities are mainly focused on seismological monitoring in local, regional as well as global scale, seismotectonic analysis in the Bohemian Massif region and its vicinity, regional geophysics and structural geology.

The Institute of Physics of the Earth was established in 1992 by the transformation of the Microearthquake Monitoring Department of GEOFYZIKA BRNO state-owned company. The Department was founded in 1982 for microearthquake monitoring of the area of a planned nuclear power plant in northern Moravia. The local network operated there in 1983 – 1987 was the first network of digital seismological stations in the former Czechoslovakia. The experience gained there was later utilized when monitoring further localities, such as Kecerovce, Jaslovské Bohunice and others. In the end of the eighties the Department began to build a broadband seismological station near Vranov by Brno (VRAC) which has been included into the global IMS CTBTO network verifying the nuclear test ban.