Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics CAS

The Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics is a scientific workplace focused on research connected with both natural rocks and rock environment of the Earth's crust, as well as with artificially produced geomaterials.

The research ranges from seismic exposure of important buildings, through investigation of structure, tension and disruption of rocks via seismic wave propagation, testing rocks for purpose of stabilization of underground constructions, examination of dangerous slumps and defects, detection of geological hazards endangering not only monuments, up to the study of genesis and properties of mineral resources, minerals and coal with its derivates relevant for the development of processes of modification and ecological treatment of natural and waste raw materials and preparation of composite and carbonaceous materials.
The institute participates in training of graduate students and supervision of their doctoral theses in the fields of applied geology, physics and geophysics, energetic and chemical treatment of fuels; chemistry and technology of inorganic materials.