H. Munzarová, J. Plomerová: Tomographic studies of the BM upper mantle
L. Vescey: Seismic data quality assurance and control
J. Plomerová, V. Babuška: Continental lithosphere - mosaic of microplates with a rigid mantle lithosphere
J. Douša, P. Václavovič: Precise GNSS analyses for troposphere monitoring by Observatory Pecný analysis center
J. Stemberk: Norcia Octorber 2016 earthquakes - recorded fault slip in the Central Appenines
M. Janošek: Results of precise magnetic calibrations at the facilities of IG CAS
J. Doubravová, J. Wiszniowski, J. Horálek: Local event detection with neural networks (application to Webnet data)
H. Jakoubková, J. Horálek, T. Fischer: Earthquake swarms in West Bohemia and SW Iceland
P. Hrubcová et al.: Determination of prominent crustal discontinuities from waveforms of local earthquakes
V. Plicka: 19 years of Research Infrastructure PSLNET - significant influence to study source parameters of Greek eathquakes
V. Čermák et al.: Heat transfer in shallow subsurface under different climate conditions in Europe
P. Špaček: Monitoring and research into the local microseismicity in the NE Czech Republic

INSPIRE geophysical data specification, Czech Geological Survey, June 8 - 9, 2017


Minutes of the workshop: INSPIRE geophysical data specification
L. Sóres: Geophysics in INSPIRE
D. Čápová et al.: INSPIRE geophysical data specification - CGS Prague
P. Divacco: OGS experience in web based geophysical data management
L. Sóres: INSPIRE in MFGI, Budapest