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Czech Regional Seismological Network - CRSN West Bohemian Local Seismic Network - WEBNET Icelandic Local Seismic Network – REYKJANET Mobile Seismic Network – MOBNET North Moravia Local Seismic Network - MONET …   » more

GNSS and Gravimetry

Network of Permanent GNSS Stations - VESOG Geodynamic GNSS Network - GEONAS Network of Permanent GNSS Stations in Greece - PPGNet West Bohemia Geodynamic Observatory - WEBGEODYN Greek Volcanic Islands Monitoring- GREVOLCAN …   » more

Geodynamics of the crust

Monitoring 3-D Fault Active Displacement - TecNet Long-term Monitoring of the Slope Deformations – SLOPENET CzechEarth Tide Observatories – CZET Geothermal Climate Change Network – GeoCLIMANET Natural CO2 …   » more


Geomagnetic Observatory Budkov and Mobile Equipment - GEOMAG Mobile Magnetotelluric Set - MTMOB     » more

Geological and Geophysical Databases

Led by:  Czech Geological Survey (CGS) Geological and geophysical data and access to existing relevant information is essential for the scientific research concerning the Earth sciences. The CGS-DRI (Data Research Infrastructure of the…   » more