Catalogs of regional seismic events recorded by the Czech Regional Seismological Network

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Explanatory notes
Date Year-month-day
Origin Hour-minute-second of the origin time (UTC), for non-located events the first-time arrival
Reg Flinn-Engdahl seismic region (547 - Czech Republic + Slovakia, 548 - Poland, 543 - Germany, 544 - Switzerland, 545 - north Italy, 546 - Austria, 549 - Hungary, 383 - former Yugoslavia, 900 - not located, 997 - probably explosion, 998 - unidentified distant shock, 999 - near shock)
Coord Source coordinates in degrees: latitude - longitude
Dep Source depth (in km)
Mag Magnitude estimated by international data centers (ISC, NEIC, SED, ...)
ML Local magnitude estimated by stations of the Czech Regional Seismic Network
Ty Type of seismic event (M = mining induced shock, T = tectonical event, X = explosion)
I0 Epicentral intensity Imax
Agency Data center which located the seismic event
Comment Region, rockburst, macroseismically felt etc.